Cooper Trooper Universal Drop Proof Shoulder Strap Rugged Case for 8'' Tablets

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Always worry about leaving your child alone with your tablet? Well, fear no more! The Trooper comes to the rescue. This universal rugged case is kid proof and non-toxic, making it the most family-friendly case on the market. It fits a wide variety of tablets with an 8-inch screen while leaving the camera and other buttons uncovered and easily accessible

Fits Any Tablet with a 7.9 up to an 8.9-inch screen

Designed to fit tablets with 7.9", 8.0" to 8.9" sized smart tablets from 4.8" to 5.5" with (120-140 mm) & 7.8" to 8.65 length (198-220 mm)

DISCLAIMER: While all measures were taken to make this product universal, some tablet models may have buttons covered by the case. Please contact us if you are not sure about your tablet model.

Built for Impact & Cushioning.

The new and updated Trooper provides the ultimate protection for your tablet. This case is made of non-toxic, easy-to-wash silicon that can be easily removed to clean.

Easy To Carry Across the Shoulder

It comes with a detachable shoulder strap! Let your kids be the photographers and trust that if they drop the tablet, it won’t break.

Car Mode - The shoulder strap can also be used in the car. Just attach it to the back of the seat and keep the kids entertained and occupied during journeys.

One case, many details

All details considered, extendable kickstand and an adjustable kickstand for both movie and reading modes.

Access to all features

The innovative single-piece design allows full access to the camera, buttons, and speakers whilst also keeping your tablet completely out of harm's way.

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