About Us

Our mission is to extend the life of tablets by providing quality protective cases at fair prices. Cooper Cases emphasizes functionality in its product line so that tablet owners may use their devices in many different ways and in all types of places – whether on the beach, in the car, outdoors, at home or in the office. At Cooper Cases, we make customer satisfaction our #1 goal, attending to individual customer needs as quickly as possible. Our hands-on approach is based on delivering satisfaction to our valued clients.

Our Brand

Cooper Cases aims to achieve this mission by matching great product quality with low prices to provide the best value. We assure product quality through conducting thorough research on the best materials and most useful tablet functionality. Cooper implements these features into our cases to produce high-quality, long-lasting tablet cases. Given that we manufacture everything in China, we can offer products at an affordable price. Cooper Cases have also established rigorous quality control within the manufacturing process in order to deliver products up to the standards of the most demanding tablet owners.


Our Team

We are a compact team with 20 members (+1 dog) spread out over 3 offices around the world.

Charlie Dogstein
Head of Catering,
Cooper Cases

Jin Ming Yuan
Packing Assistant,

Sky Chen
Packing Manager,

Demo Montoya
Data & Analytics

Lucy Goyhman
Lead Designer,
Graphic Design

Zebo Tursunova
Account Manager,

Katsuyo Bendza
Customer Experience,

Jupiter Camine
Sales Stategy

Manuel Saenz
Sales Account Manager,
B2B Sales

Sheena Venilva
Content Administrator,

Gabriela Navarro
Customer Experience

Atsushi Ishitani
Vice President,

Carlos Ayon
Vice President,
B2B Sales & Cx

Curtis Jones
Vice President,
Sales Strategy

Andrew Zhu
Executive Vice President,

Emily Xie
Vice President,

Tanya Weng
Vice President,

Flo Escabarte
Listings Manager,

Satoko Okamoto
Customer Experience,

Orsolya Bozso
Vice President,
Accounting & Finance

Szilvia Nagy
Senior Vice President,

Pavel Smirnov
Managing Director

Sagi Luel
Managing Director

Cooper Cases Team Our History

Tablets are the accessory of the 21st century, going from curious technological oddity around the turn of the millennium to a must-have at home at work and on the go. Today, over 30% of all Internet users in the U.S. own a tablet – and the rest of the world’s wired population is rapidly catching up.

But that one all-important feature for which tablets are loved worldwide – the easy, convenient and made-for-video touchscreen – is also its most vulnerable spot. A single unfortunate drop of the tablet can break the screen, a single scratch can ruin its responsiveness.

That’s where Cooper Cases comes in. Established in 2012, we are committed to providing quality cases to protect your valuable device while adding extra functionality that allows the tablet to be used in ways previously unseen. It’s not just a tablet case, it’s an upgrade!

Our Offices

CooperCases.com serves clients in over 110 countries and has offices around the world to support its growing operations.

Our corporate office is in Hong Kong. It facilitates an accountable financial environment along with access to world's best shipping and air traffic logistics. Our Head Office is in Budapest, Hungary. Budapest is a great base for working with customers in European Union and North America. Staff in this office are responsible for most of direct communication with clients and partners including customer support, product analysis, sales and marketing. Being at the forefront of all new developments in tablet accessories, it is imperative for us to be close to world's biggest accessory manufacturing facilities. Our office in Shenzhen, China allows us to remain in personal contact with factories and manufacturing partners to bring newest cases available on the market today.


Corporate Office
Office 4, 10/F, Kwan Chart Tower
No. 6 Tonnochy Road
Hong Kong

Head Office
Kisfaludy utca 29 IV/43
Budapest 1082
European Union
Logistics Center
5F, Building A
Jinshengtao Industrial Park
Hongmian Road No.3, Henggang
Long Gang District
Shenzhen City, GuangDong Province