[NEW] Cooper Pro Defender Tough Case w/ Shoulder Strap, Hand Strap & Kickstand for Apple iPad 10.9 (10th gen)


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Tough Tablet Cover for Rough Places

Worried about taking your expensive Samsung or Apple device to a rugged place? Drop the worry and give 360 degrees, all-around protection to your iPad and Samsung device.

Introducing Cooper Pro Defender, the toughest protective cover for your iPad and Samsung devices. Designed specifically for jagged environments and rough use, Pro Defender is not an ordinary protective cover. It is a tablet case with a screen guard that encases your device in its strong embrace to prevent damage from scratches, accidental drops and rough handling.

Cooper Pro Defender Tough Screenguard and Tablet Case for Rugged Environments

Made with 100% non-toxic silicone, Cooper Pro Defender is easy to maintain and tough enough to protect your device from accidents that can damage your device or its screen and cost big bucks in repairs.

The easy to put on and remove cover comes with its own screen guard that protects the screen from accidental spills and scratches.

You will never again shy from taking your expensive electronic device to mountains, deserts or oceans. The tough cover will protect your device in areas such as industrial places, schools, and outdoor in rough and rugged spaces.


  • Non-reactive, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and tough silicone cover that is easy to maintain. Just a good wipe will make it clean and like new again!
  • 360-degree protection. The tablet case covers the back, sides, and screen of iPad and Samsung devices.
  • Heavy-duty silicone case that absorbs shock and cushions your device from impact to prevent damage. Soft silicone provides a better grip. Reinforced corners ensure protection from even the most awkward fall. 
  • Exclusively made for Apple and Samsung Tablet devices with custom cut slots according to the device model so you have unobstructed access to all the ports, camera, and buttons. No need to take out the cover for anything! A covered charging port prevents damage from dust and dirt to the device.
  • Clear plastic screen guard that slots into the cover for seamless protection. It prevents the screen from scratches and spills without compromising the visibility or touch functions of your device.
  • Comes with a hand strap, shoulder strap, and kickstand making it easy to carry and use your iPad or Samsung device.
  • The cover includes dedicated storage for Apple Pen or a Samsung stylus. Tucked away just behind the screen, it is discrete while being easy to reach

Bundled with different accessories

Carry it with you and use it anywhere. Carry the tablet with the cross-body shoulder strap for easy portability and security. Adjustable Handstrap that securely fits your hand and makes it easy to use the device on the go.

Storage for your Apple Pen

Discretely placed yet easy to access dedicated slot to store your Apple Pen or Samsung Stylus.

360 Degree protection

Integrated clear plastic screen guard. Protect the screen from scratches and spills while enjoying unobstructed viewing with no loss of touch function.

Different viewing angles

A kickstand that props up the device at various angles. Can be used in both portrait or landscape orientation. Pick the orientation and ideal angle for reading, watching videos and movies, drawing, or writing.

Dedicated for your iPad of choice

Custom designed and made for Samsung and Apple Devices. Perfectly aligned cutouts for all ports, buttons, camera, microphone, and speakers.