Instruction Guide for the Official Dynamo feat. Magic Handle

The Cooper Dynamo iPad case for kids

The Dynamo case is an original product by Cooper Cases. Launched in 2013, the patented foam shell was designed to be simple to use, protect from drops and long-lasting. Available in various kid-friendly colors. Suitable for adults too. Comes with a free screen protector.



Apply Screen Protector First

Screen protector installation guide for iPad

The case comes with a self-applicable screen protector. It will shield the screen from scratches while maintaining touchscreen sensitivity.

Application is optional. Please follow the instructions below to install.

  1. Clean the entire screen thoroughly with a cleaning wipe or cloth.
  2. Remove residual dust with a sticker (post-it or tape).
  3. Peel off the #1 rear protective layer.
  4. Align the cutouts of the screen protector with your device.
  5. Place the protector over the screen. Gently push using a credit card to remove extra bubbles.
  6. Peel off the #2 front protective layer. Application is done ☑️




Inserting your iPad in Dynamo Case

How to insert iPad or tablet into Cooper Dynamo case

The Dynamo travels with a plastic insert. It keeps the case in shape during its long route from the factory. Please remove it before use & dispose responsibly. Follow instructions below for installation.

  1. Remove the insert from the case and dispose in recycling bin.
  2. Place iPad into the case by aligning rear camera hole at the bark.
  3. Gently press tablet into the case bezel.



Made-to-fit your iPad

Find your iPad model

Your case is made-to-fit a specific iPad model in order to hold tightly while protecting from drops and correctly align with buttons & camera. Each iPad model is different.

If you have fit issues, first find your iPad model number written on the back of the iPad (ie A1234). Then, open Apple's website and find the corresponding iPad name (ie iPad mini 4). Finally, check the back of Dynamo packaging. It has the compatible iPad names written on the back. 

If the iPad name is different, then please email our support team on for quick help. Mention your order number with your iPad model (number or name), and we'll help you to figure out what's wrong!



Open Access to All Functions

iPad kids case with open access to all buttons, camera and ports

Your Dynamo has cutouts to all iPad functions including access to volume rockers, hold/power button, charging cable slot and both cameras. There are also cutouts for speakers and light sensors. 



Pencil Storage & Wireless Charging

iPad kids case with Pencil storage and wireless charging slot

Some Dynamo case models support Pencil functionality and have a storage slot for the pencil in the Magic Handle. If your iPad supports Pencil charging, then the case also has a slot for charging the pencil on the side.

Use the storage slot when you are storing your iPad in a bag, or during travel. It keeps the pencil securely in place. Keep it in the charging slot when it's low on battery.



Magic Handle

Dynamo kids case with large, oversized Magic Handle

The Magic Handle is purposely oversized to make it easier to use. It's perfect for smaller hands. It's also easy to hold for people with limited mobility.

Whether it's for you, your child, or your grandparents - the Dynamo case is for kids of all ages!



Dual-Angle Stand

iPad kids case with two-angle stand for watching and drawing

There is a reason the handle is Magic! Twist the handle 90 degrees to turn it into a stand. Watch movies or do video calls with your family and friends.

Rotate the stand to position it into drawing/typing mode. Also great when doing yoga 🤸🏻‍♀️



EVA Foam Body

iPad kids case with rugged, protective, drop proof body

The Dynamo is made from EVA foam. EVA is as strong as rubber, flexible like silicon, but half the weight. The material is rugged and designed to absorb impact on falls. 

Whether you use it at home, in the car, airplane, gym or work studio - your iPad is in good hands 🙏

The front of the case has a raised bezel to protect the screen from face falls. If you install the included screen protector, you'll be protected from scratches too!



✅ Safe ✅ Tested ✅ Certified

Safe, tested, certified - iPad case for kids

The Dynamo is independently tested for safety. We guarantee that it's safe for you, your children, your family and friends. The case is tested for toxicity, lead, heavy metal content, chemicals and safe toy parts. Tests are done at 3rd party testing facilities and certified by EU, USA and Canadian safety standards 🙏



Compostable Eco-Mailer

Compostable, eco-friendly, corn-based packaging for iPad kids case

We are conscious of the plastic used in packaging. In 2021, the Dynamo packaging got an upgrade to an eco-friendly material made from corn starch. It's fully compostable even in home compost (third party certified too). Do remove the zipper (for recycling) before composting the bag. 




How to take care of your Cooper Dynamo

The Dynamo is designed to be simple. It's easy to look after. Wash it with soap and warm water when it gets dirty. Dry before use. And you are good to go!

Try not to keep it in direct sunlight. The color will fade and it's not good for your iPad. If you have any questions, ping our support team!



Where to Use it

Use the Cooper Dynamo kids case to play on the couchStretch and exercise with Cooper Dynamo at homeLearn to play guitar with Cooper Dynamo iPad kids caseCooper Dynamo case is for adults, elderly and grandparents too

The Dynamo case is not just for kids, it's for adults too. Use it at home on the couch, in the kitchen, in local gym, at workplace, garage, or work studio. 

People with limited motor skills, or light autism, will find this case helpful in daily use. 

Your grandma will love it too. The handle is large so it makes it easy to hold. The case is protective so she'll never need to worry again about dropping it. 




The Dynamo comes with a 3 year warranty. If you didn't purchase on our website, for your peace of mind please register your order to activate the warranty.

Registration takes place at our sister website - You'll also get 10% off on your next order along with a few other perks.


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