Cooper Beach Bag 2-in-1 Universal Tablet & Smartphone Sleeve


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  • Universally fits phones sized max 5-5.7” and tablets 9-10”.
  • Perfect for tablets between 8.9" - 10.5" in height and maxumum 8.75 in width.
  • Package deal: both smartphone and tablet-sized bags inside.
  • Use your tablet or phone even when in the plastic cover. Luminescent, fun neon plastic case that zips closed to keep the dangers of the beach at bay. Beach proof: Water, sand and sun lotion resistant.


Who doesn’t love the beach? Um: technology! Sand, wind, animals, kids, mud, it’s like eating spaghetti with a white shirt on - something is bound to go wrong. With this beach bag, you can read, take pictures and view stuff on your smart devices without fear of any of these hazards. When was the last time you could change a song while applying sunscreen or snap a hazard-free close-up of a water fight?

Installation Guide

Simply unzip your new shiny friend and lock all "beach-unfriendly" items with the zipper before unlocking an afternoon of fun. Interact with your phone or tablet while it’s in the bag, use apps and camera function (with it’s own built-in Instagram filter) while keeping it safe from water and mud.