Available in Store Now - Cooper Mega Table Folding Laptop Desk for Bed & Sofa

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Available in Store Now - Cooper Mega Table Folding Laptop Desk for Bed & Sofa

Innovative technology is making life so convenient! Until fairly recently, if you wanted to take get some work done at home, you only had the choice of working at your home office desk. But with innovative furniture pieces like the Cooper Mega Table Folding Laptop Table, you have been unchained from that tradition.

Now you can work from any area of your home just as if you were at your home desk. This multipurpose table desk is just as effective whether you are working from your bed, living room couch or on the floor.

The Most Versatile Folding Laptop Table Available

The best thing about the Mega Table is how you can adapt it for use across a variety of scenarios, saving yourself the expense of buying a separate piece of furniture for every specific household need. And it sells for only $54.95, a giveaway when you think of all the trouble it is going to save you!

It is available in black or oak to complement the existing decor of your home.

On the day you get your very own Mega Table, you can expect to find inside the box the table with a storage shelf, a bookstand and a user manual.

The dimension of the table top is 65 x 49 x 0.9 cm and it stand at a height of 30 cm or 11.8". It has a storage drawer and a maximum weight of 40 kg / 88 lbs.

How Can You Use The Cooper Mega Table?

Even if it is described as a laptop table, there is really more to the mega table than that. The uses you can put it to are limited only by your own imagination. To give you an idea of its versatility, here is a short list of its features:

  • Need a workstation, just unfold the Cooper Mega Table
  • Have a pressing deadline but cannot work from office? No problem. Cooper Mega Table to the rescue!
  • Work outdoors without giving up the convenience of a desk
  • Ship the kids and their mess to a corner of the house or give them a workstation of their own
  • Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed

Just pick up a Cooper Mega Table and its all problems solved!

Don't Believe Us? Here Is What Others Say...

Customers have been gushing with glowing recommendations of the table and sharing on how it saved their lives (well, not really...but you get the point).

And our staff - they work with the tables everyday - have described them in so many beautiful words, we could spend all day writing what they said. What we are saying is, if you are looking for a sturdy, affordable and trendy multifunctional unit, we got you covered.

Cooper Mega Table - buy it now!

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