New iPad Air 3rd Generation & iPad Mini 5th Generation Options

May 22, 2019 0 Comments

New iPad Air 3rd Generation & iPad Mini 5th Generation Options

There is probably nothing as annoying as finally getting the new iPad Air 3 or iPad Mini 5 you've been dying to own, only to have it fall and crack it's screen! What about having to constantly be on the watch, unable to fully enjoy the gadget  because you're scared it might fall? Well, you don't need to deal with those anymore!

Introducing the only protection you will ever need - iPad Air 3rd generation cases and iPad Mini 5th generation cases from Cooper Cases. These are the most reliable accessories you will ever find!

Your Apple device cost you a lot of money, but accidents don't know that. When you are caught in the heat of your daily grind, or you leave your device in the hands of your kids, things can usually go wrong. And your iPad could take a hit.

For those situations, innovative and durable cases could be the lifesaver. And just as there are a range of iPad options, there are also ideal case options for them.

Upgrade with iPad Air and iPad Mini

Apple is always moving. They never seem to let up with the innovations and Apple-lovers just have to keep pace with the most recent releases. As of today, the iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 will replace iPad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad mini 4 respectively. Apple no longer sells phased out models (we still carry cases for iPad Pro 10.5 and cases for iPad mini 4). 

What are the available options right now? Here is a list of what you can get:

  • iPad mini 5th generation (7.9-inch)
  • iPad 6th generation (9.7-inch)
  • iPad Air 3rd generation (10.5-inch)
  • iPad Pro (11-inch)
  • iPad Pro 3rd generation (12.9-inch)

Model Specifications

iPad Air 3 generation cases

iPad Air 3rd Generation

To stay up to speed with specs of these latest iPad Air and iPad Mini, check out the product specifications. But for a sneak preview of the features on the iPad Air (3rd generation), released in 2019, you can expect Apple Pencil (1st generation) support, and 10.5" Retina display.

And it comes in these model numbers (on the back cover): A2154, A2153, A2123, A2152.

iPad Mini 5th generation cases

iPad Mini 5th Generation

On the iPad Mini (5th generation), also released in 2019, you have Apple Pencil (1st generation) support as well, and 7.9" Retina display. It is available in these model numbers (on the back cover): A2125, A2126, A2124, A2133.

NextGen Cases for the New iPad Air 3rd Generation & iPad Mini 5th Generation

As a rule, Apple always stands out. But when everyone has an Apple device, no one stands out. You can define your presence with innovative iPad Air 3 cases and iPad Mini 5 cases by Cooper Cases.

The best things about these designs is that they do not sacrifice the functionality of your device for safety. You can do everything you would normally do on the iPad. And guess what, they are unbelievably affordable! After spending hundreds of dollars to get that shiny new Apple device, it makes sense to ensure that it is going to be around!