Top Benefits of EdTech

October 10, 2022 0 Comments

Top Benefits of EdTech


Tech had slowly but surely been making inroads into education and learning slowly over the years. Teachers at all levels of education were using technology to teach and educate children.

What may have been a slow and steady transition, was accelerated many times over when the pandemic hit and the schools had to be closed down. Teachers, students, IT directors, and Principals were forced to transition to a tech-driven method of teaching and learning.

What is EdTech?

The amalgamation of information and communication technology into classrooms to teach and impart knowledge. The ed-tech includes three components; the hardware which is used to provide education, software that includes courseware and e-learning applications that are essential components of the education system, and education theory that provides structure to the entire concept of e-education.


Benefits of Ed-Tech For K12

Since ed-tech is not constrained by time and space, it can be imparted anywhere at any time and to anyone willing to join in and learn. There are many benefits of ed-tech for the K12 level.

  • Better Collaboration: Cloud-based tools provide an opportunity for everyone in the class to participate, work together and collaborate in solving problems
  • Accessibility to Learning: Learning is no longer constrained by time. Students can choose their own time to access the course material. Digital classrooms can be accessed from anywhere. With portable connected devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, students are never more than a few clicks away from their courseware.
  • Changing Concept of Classrooms: Children are no longer confined to attending classes in a room where they have to listen to a lecture even if they are not in the mood to do so. With the lecture videos available online, the students have the flexibility to pick their own time and place to study. This self-paced, self-motivated learning makes the students more responsible and creative.
  • Personalized Courseware: One of the biggest advantages of Ed-tech at the K12 level is that the educators can personalize the courseware for individual students. The lesson plans can be created to cater to each of their students with customized learning goals and their pace.
  • Interesting and Absorbing lessons: Ed-tech uses diverse ways to make learning more interesting and engaging. It improves class participation and interaction.