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Cooper Touchpad K5000 Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard Dock

  • The K5000 universal keyboard is compatible with wide range of Bluetooth equipped tablets, PCs, Macs.
  • Integrated Infrared remote control for adjusting the volume and changing channels on the TV, DVD player and any other IRCS compatible gadget
  • US English QWERTY keyboard layout + touchpad complete with left and right mouse buttons. Detachable (stowed in the undercarriage) tablet stand with adjustable angles.
  • Multi-touch features for added convenience when dealing with far away screens. Supports Windows and Android operating systems.


With modern tech trends prying families and individuals away from spending screen-time at structured desks and tables. The migration (back) towards the comfort and inclusive power of the living room is at hand, now it is only fit that helpful, versatile controllers come to join the party. The K5000 is an excellent addition to your entertainment center and will double as a TV remote, gaming controller and smart TV input device all in one. As if this wasn’t enough it comes with a detachable simple dock for your tablet and its smart construction allows you very easily adjust the angle by widening the legs

Installation Guide

To begin using the K5000, make sure it is fully charged and turn the power on. Once ready, press the Bluetooth button on the front side of the keyboard. The control light will begin blinking showing it can be searched for on your device. Pending which OS you are using, it may request you enter a code into the keyboard (and press enter). Most Windows OS devices will require the code.

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