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Cooper Touchpad Executive Universal Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard Folio OLD

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  • Universal tablet design: 4 stretchy claws secure any tablet
  • Comes in three ranges 7-8”, 8-8.9”, 9-10.5” 
  • Smooth faux-leather finish leaves a professional impression in meetings
  • Comfy microfiber interior cushions your tablet
  • Removable magnetic keyboard for when you just want that hot-looking case
  • Secure buckle strap lock (so you don’t waste your battery if it opens in your bag and kickstand for hands-free viewing 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection with 10m range (so you can walk from the kitchen to the living room without losing connectivity)
  • 78 scissor-cut keys with US QWERTY layout
  • Range of handy hotkeys for volume control and more
  • Touchpad designed with multi-touch gesture technology that supports left/right clicks, 2-finger swipes for scrolling, pinches for in/out zooms, plus other Windows 8 & 10 built-in gestures
  • Charges full via USB in 2-2.5h and lasts up to 60h of uninterrupted typing time
    • Plastic claws hold tablet by the corners, measuring up to 0.4 inches for a proper fit
    • 7 - 8” version:
      • Claws expand from min. 4'' to max 5.1'' inches in width, and from min. 6.5'' to max 8.4'' inches in height.
    • 8 - 8.9” version:
      • Claws expand from min. 5'' to max 5.8'' inches in width, and from min. 8.3'' to max 9.1'' inches in height.
    • 9 – 10.5” version:
      • Claws expand from min. 6.5'' to max 7.35'' inches in width, and from min. 9.25'' to max 10.7'' inches in height.
    • Charging voltage: 3.7V
    • Charging time: 2-2.5 hours (USB cable included)

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