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Cooper Slider Pocket Universal 5" Smartphone Wallet Case OLD

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  • Universally fits all types of smartphones in the 5” to 5.5” range (designed primarily for the iPhone 6 and similar devices)
  • Sliding phone cradle which allows you to take pictures even with the phone held in the case -simply slide the phone up, expose the camera and snap away 
  • Inner plastic cradle holds your device securely with two spring powered claws built to withstand drops and falls and keep your baby safe and sound
  • Frame slides up/down and expands left/right to make room for various types of phones
  • See-through plastic covering which protects your screen from sharp purse and pocket hazards while allowing you to answer calls and use your touch screen
  • Elastic key holder, perfect for stuffing bundles of cash or keys into your one-stop carry case

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