Cooper Pedestal Desk Display Metal Stand for Phones & Tablets

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  • Designed for use with any phone or tablet device weighing 450g (1 lb) or less
  • Made from premium aluminum and steel metal materials
  • Pedestal base features non-slip rubber for providing stable support atop smooth non-porous surfaces including desks, tables, kitchen counters, etc.
  • Magnetic panel attachment system allows your device to be mounted/dismounted in an instant
  • Design ensures clear access to all buttons, ports and cameras on your device
  • Functional ball-bearing design provides full-range of swivel, tilt and rotation movement for achieving best possible display angles
  • Unlimited horizontal landscape viewing angles, and vertical portrait angles up to 55-degrees
  • Package includes cleaning kit for self-applicable base installation
  • Attention! Do not place the accessory near magnetically sensitive objects such as credit cards, pacemakers or computer hard drives


The Cooper Pedestal is a space-saving home and office accessory designed to provide hands-free support for any tablet weighing 450g (1 lb) or less. This practical choice offers a long-lasting reusable design plus a full-range of movement for achieving a variety of optimal screen viewing angles.


The Cooper Pedestal is designed to support any phone or tablet device with display size up to 7" inches. The sleek accessory combines quality metal and a non-slip rubber base making a sturdy stand that rests perfectly steady upon desk and table tops, kitchen counters and any flat, non-porous surfaces around the home and office.

The package includes a metal panel and reusable glue pad insert that are applied to your device before connecting to the magnetic steel ball on top of the pedestal piece. From there, the ball design offers a full range of movement allowing you to swivel, tilt and rotate your device's screen display to achieve the best possible viewing angles.