Cooper Navigator Magnetic Car Phone Display Mount

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  • Universally designed to carry all smart devices in the 5" to 7,9" range weighing up to 600g
  • 3M adhesive, sticky bottom attaches itself securely to your dashboard or any smooth surface
  • Gyroscopic mount turns in any direction and holds at any angle for your convenience and safety
  • The Navigator mounts your phone via a small magnet easily installed into the back of your phone


Why risk the safety of others or yourself with questionable solutions for keeping your phone at an ideal angle for navigation? Car docks are often necessary evils, cluttering your beautiful interior and sometimes even being in the way. But they don’t all have to be something you just put up with. The Cooper Navigator is a delightfully small, simple and elegantly out-of-the-way dock for your smartphone making your commutes cool as a breeze. Its bottom is adhesive and can be easily stuck onto any (non-porous) surface like your smooth dashboard. With its gyroscopic mount it can be rotated to face you from just about any angle, adapting seamlessly to your car and usage preference.

Installation Guide

To properly use the mount, first insert the thin magnetic plate inside the back of your phone. You should begin by removing the battery cover and stick the magnet to the inside of it then snapping it closed again. Mount the dock onto your dashboard by simply sticking the adhesive bottom onto the smooth surface and letting it hold. Place the now magnetic part of your phone over the dock and let the magnets do the rest!