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Cooper GoKey Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Dock

  • Universally designed to fit tablets in the 7'' to 11'' range.
  • Perfect key response and “regular resistance” ensure a delightful and seamless typing experience
  • Simple one button setup, opens “claws” that act as stand for your smart device (in both Instagram mode/portrait and Youtube/landscape)
  • Lovely and sturdy hard plastic finish, makes it presentable, easy to use and clean if necessary. US English QWERTY keyboard, complete with nifty shortcuts and iOS, Windows and Android support.


How many times have you begun to take care of something on the tablet and realized very soon that it’ll be too tedious to finish? You wouldn’t be the first person who decided to save that half-email in drafts or regretted getting into a chat conversation with your sister discussing weekend plans on your tablet. The good news is that GoKey was designed to solve this problem for you. This super easy-to-use portable keyboard pairs up with any Bluetooth enabled smart device (in a 10m range) and acts as a simple stand -both portrait and landscape. The comfortably sized keyboard, normal key spacing and regular resistance keys come together for that comfortingly familiar typing experience.

Installation Guide

To use the GoKey, simply turn on the Bluetooth button on the top of the keyboard. Press button on the middle of back side to unleash "claws". Place tablet or other smart device in either landscape or portrait mode, pending on desired activity. Suited best for structured surfaces but can also function as a comfortable work station in your lap.

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