Cooper TabStand


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Eleva, Rotate, Enjoy

Experience unmatched versatility with the Cooper TabStand. This height-adjustable stand supports tablets, iPads, up to 16" portable monitors, and other digital devices. Enjoy the convenience of 360° rotation and tilt, ensuring the perfect viewing angle for hands-free use, whether you're working, watching, or presenting.


Versatile Viewing for Study

Enhance your study sessions with the Cooper TabStand. Its adjustable height ranges from 13 to 20”, providing an ergonomic, eye-level view that reduces strain. The stand securely clamps devices from 4.7 to 10” wide, even with cases, making it ideal for prolonged use during homework or online classes.


Perfect Companion for Yoga

Transform your yoga routine with the Cooper TabStand. This adjustable stand ensures hands-free viewing, allowing you to follow along with your favorite yoga videos effortlessly. The 360° rotation and tilt features adapt to your needs, providing the perfect angle for every pose and practice.


Enhance Music Lessons

Take your music lessons to the next level with the Cooper TabStand. The stand’s 360° rotation and tilt functionality offer the ideal viewing angle for learning and playing instruments. Whether you're reading sheet music or following video tutorials, this stand provides a stable and adjustable platform for uninterrupted practice.


Simplify Cooking with Ease

Make cooking more enjoyable with the Cooper TabStand. Follow recipes hands-free, thanks to the stand’s stable, non-slip metal-weighted base. The height adjustment and 360° rotation allow you to position your device at the perfect angle, ensuring you never miss a step while preparing your favorite dishes.


Boost Productivity at Work

Enhance your workspace with the Cooper TabStand. Perfect for video calls and multitasking, this stand serves as an extra monitor holder, providing an ergonomic, eye-level view. The adjustable height and tilt ensure optimal comfort, helping you stay productive and connected throughout your workday.